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Welcome to MerchEngine!

MerchEngine is the fastest easiest way to start selling your band's merch online.
Set up an e-commerce site in seconds. All you need is some merchandise (CD's, t-shirts, stickers, buttons, etc.) and a verified PayPal account. MerchEngine is the perfect e-commerce solution for bands, musicians, artists, entertainers or anyone looking to sell goods online! Best of all MerchEngine is more than just an e-commerce solution; it's an ideal way to keep track of your orders, customers and inventory.

  • Accept credit cards and checks through PayPal's secure online payment processing system. No need to set up an expensive merchant account!
  • Funds are deposited directly into your bank account. No waiting for your money!
  • Get your very own merch URL.
  • Edit the logo, colors and font of your merch pages to seamlessly integrate with your existing site.
  • Add, edit and delete categories and products in real-time.
  • Keep track of your inventory. And if you choose, sold-out products/sizes will not appear on your site.
  • Track your sales with our intuitive orders interface. Mark orders shipped and/or complete as they are processed.
  • Generate charts to track what sells best and what pays best.

There is no set-up charge! MerchEngine provides its services for a 10% per transaction fee. Our competitors charge 20% and more on top of a set-up charge and a per transaction base fee. And our competitors don't come close to offering the many administrative features available at MerchEngine. Click here for details.

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